Risk _Decide

Business decisioning data and analytics built-in by default.


Scan documents and files for completeness and accuracy, and request missing information automatically.


Export client data directly into your CRM and financial data into analysis-ready spreadsheets.


Summary credit reports;  Payment data, Secretary of State, UCC, bankruptcies, judgments, and liens provided by default.


Highly constrained environments ensure your data remains compliant at-rest and in-transit, and now in-use.

Industry-leading global commercial business data and analytics.

 Manage Risk

Harbr embeds decisioning data by default into every eligible assessment pulled directly from our globally trusted partners.

 Pre-Qualification Efficiency

Harbr automates manual decisioning, monitoring, and matching for efficient pre-qualification handoff to underwriting.

 Intelligent Data

Harbr provides globally trusted business decisioning data and analytical insights on over 455 million entities.


Harbr delivers optionality in decisioning data blocks providing you with complete control and scale to meet your needs.

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