Know your opportunity costs in construction performance

Use performance data to balance working relationships.

Relationships are hard to measure

It’s impossible to know if you’ve chosen the right partners for your construction project on relationships alone.

Get the performance data that proves you’re working with the right teams for your projects.

Let the data prove performance outcomes

Know what to expect

Validate through aggregate performance data.

Weigh the alternatives

Identify strengths and reduce loss.

Confirm with data

Go from hunching to data crunching.

Purpose beyond utility

Harbr builds performance data through success, experience, and execution of your construction projects.

Construction Management

A comprehensive project coordination utility.

Field friendly

Mobile tools built for fast collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Centralized data platform

Aggregate cross-project and cross-resource data.

Optimized for the new normal

Enjoy integrations like Zoom Meetings™.

When performance is clear, everyone wins

Build stronger relationships by proving performance.

Have a ton of legacy data?

Our team of experts can review your legacy data to understand whether or not it can predict risk and performance.

You are in good company