The Only GPT for Secured Finance.

Utilize the same ChatGPT technology to analyze large sets of sensitive financial documents securely.

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It takes time and expensive data to properly qualify origination. Until now.

Harbr improves efficiency while lowering origination costs with free credit, payment, and legal Snapshots.

Establish strong relationships with high-quality leads at the point of first contact.

Harbr protects your data utilizing military-grade privacy compute technology. Secured by Cape Privacy.

For the first time secured finance can harness the power of GPT and LLMs without compromising financial data privacy

The only privacy-protected origination platform.

Privacy-preserved. The alternatives can't say the same.

Harbr uses Cape Privacy to protect your applicants data using military-grade (256 bit) encryption before it ever leaves their computer, stays encrypted during transit, and remains protected during processing.

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