Enhance Decision-Making at the Top of your Funding Funnel.

For Asset-Based Lenders and Commercial Factors that value speed and scale.

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Document AI


AI-based document collection and data validation. Embed in your product directly instead of emailing separate client file invitations.


Document AI


Automatically export data into spreadsheets from structured and unstructured files during the document collection process. 




Trade payments and legal events data included within seconds of submission for more comprehensive pre-qualification at the top of the funnel.




Highly constrained environments ensure your data remains compliant at-rest, in-transit, and in-use. Optionally integrate with your existing data storage.


Consistently lower customer acquisition costs. Scale up to meet growing customer demand.

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Accelerate your intake process.

Harbr's Document AI platform scans and extracts data from documents and files, adding the information back into your workflow and offering financial data exports. With options to integrate directly with your product, CRM, and data store for fast, automated organization and prioritization.

Required Data

By automatically requesting updates from prospects and scanning for necessary data and files, Harbr eliminates the need for human document chasing.


Work directly from your CRM, you don't need to change your workflow and there's no need to learn any Harbr software.

Secure Upload

Upload from your existing data storage securely, manually upload via embedded portal, or email upload files and documents.

Data Compliance

Isolated compute environments ensure the highest level of protection with zero human or unauthorized machine access to your data, documents, and files.

Business decisioning data built-in by default.

Harbr delivers comprehensive decisioning data from globally trusted sources automatically on every eligible Document AI process.

Data You Can Trust

Business decisioning data and analytical insights from over 455 million entities to support comprehensive due diligence.

Legal Events

Increase operational efficiency and reduce cost.
 UCC Filings

Finance Analytics

Complete single-source credit reports delivered when you need it with self-service optionality to enrich and monitor data in your systems of record.