Document AI _Evaluate

Analyze documents and files for context, completeness, and accuracy.


Scan documents and files for completeness and accuracy, and request missing information automatically.


Export client data directly into your CRM and financial data into analysis-ready spreadsheets.


Summary credit reports;  Payment data, Secretary of State, UCC, bankruptcies, judgments, and liens provided by default.


Highly constrained environments ensure your data remains compliant at-rest and in-transit, and now in-use.

Scan documents and files and request missing information automatically.

 Embedded Workflow

Harbr begins working when a single triggering event occurs, such as creating a new business name entry in your CRM. Your CRM provides all the context Harbr needs for data labelling, classification, and verification.

 360° Assessment

Harbr scans all documents and files for context, completeness, and accuracy. Confirming readability, checking for required documents and data, ownership, completed fields, and matching criteria between document sets.

 Document Chasing

Harbr provides sequenced reminders notifying prospects of any missing required documents or data.

 Real-time Status

Harbr continuously monitors intake for new and updated document submissions and keeps your CRM up to date with real-time status.

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