Compute _Protect

Keeping your data compliant at-rest, in-transit, and in-use.


Scan documents and files for completeness and accuracy, and request missing information automatically.


Export client data directly into your CRM and financial data into analysis-ready spreadsheets.


Summary credit reports;  Payment data,​ Secretary of State, UCC, bankruptcies, judgments, and liens provided by default.


Highly constrained environments ensure your data remains compliant at-rest and in-transit, and now in-use.

Isolated and protected virtual machines keep your data fully compliant.

Sensitive Data Processing

Harbr processes data on isolated compute environments to further protect and secure highly sensitive data such as personally identifiable information (PII), healthcare, financial, and intellectual property data.

 Constrained Environments

Harbr offers highly constrained environments with cryptographic attestation ensuring that only authorized code can access sensitive material.

 Fully Isolated

Harbr's isolated virtual machines have no persistent storage, no interactive access, and no external networking capabilities. No human or unauthorized machine can access processing, data, or the compute environment.

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