Work Better Together

Ride the wave of retail innovation together. Create memorable customer experiences by joining Harbr’s preferred partner network.

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Preferred Partners: Your Source of Trust

We get that successful retail expansion relies on trust. When you can’t physically be on site, Harbr is there with preferred partners who uphold a commitment to communication, collaboration, planning and decision making to ensure your expansions are worry-free.

Become A Preferred Partner

Step 1

Join the Network

Create your company’s profile. This is the first step to becoming a trusted leader on site.

Step 2

Get Harbr Certified

Complete Harbr Certified training. This is a self-led program that takes a few minutes to complete for each team member.

Step 3

30-Day Review

Preferred Partners prove their commitment by creating daily reports on Harbr throughout a 30-day review cycle.

What Our Partners Say

“I was alerted to an issue that would normally take three weeks to get to me. I was able to take corrective action right away.”
– Doug D. President of Construction
Here are the items we track and file daily with Harbr:

  • All subcontractors on-site each day (company names, employee counts, daily tasks, issues or concerns)
  • Material and rental deliveries
  • Site visits from authorities having jurisdiction
  • Client site visits
  • Weather, dates and time of activities
  • Progress pictures for action items
  • Issue Tracker – Alerts can be sent out to the project manager or anyone in the company. i.e. sub trade not showing up on-site, site condition concerns or anything that may affect safety and schedule