How is Harbr different to other construction software?

Harbr is specifically built to manage fast-paced, high-volume, multi-location construction. It is designed to consolidate information for high-level teams while coordinating and distributing actionable work data across the entire face of the project. Harbr is as much a back-office utility as it is a field service tool.

Who do you work with?

Typically Owners and Owner’s Reps. We have worked with emerging retail brands that are scaling up their brick-and-mortar strategy, established brands who are expanding and refreshing concepts at scale, as well as self-performing developers, architects, engineers, and consultants on large commercial, industrial and institutional projects.

What’s Harbr’s differentiator?

Simplicity in the field and the most robust dataset about your project’s execution.

Do collaborators see the full schedule, tasks, budget, and associated data?

No. Only project administrators have complete visibility. Collaborators are only invited to work on the tasks that they have been assigned to as either an owner or task dependent.