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How is Harbr different to other project management software?

Harbr is specifically built to manage people and teams for multi-location construction projects. Focusing on this type of construction means that we’ve had to design the platform to handle the unique use cases around visibility, authorization, user and data management that comes with working with a mix of teams that are on a single project vs several.

Who do you work with?

Emerging retail brands that are scaling up their brick-and-mortar strategy as well as established brands who are expanding and refreshing concepts at scale. We partner with prime contractors.

What’s Harbr’s differentiator?

We take the perspective that construction is about people. And successful projects are the ones that help people communicate and collaborate effectively around unplanned events.

Our own analytics show us that the average task on Harbr includes around 7 people (owners and dependents of the task). With 7 people a single fifteen minute meeting means an average loss of $122 in productivity (Harvard Business Review). Harbr data also tells us that around 38% of tasks on a project are unplanned. For simplicity a project with 1,000 tasks could mean a loss of $46,360 in productivity.

In Harbr less meetings happen because we focus on getting the right information to each person and team to help communicate and collaborate more effectively through cloud-based software.

What work does the platform manage?

As projects progress through each phase from the earliest stages of planning with architects, consultants, and engineers to closeout with contractors and sub-trades, and lifecycle management with maintenance and facilities, Harbr is designed to seamlessly transition project data with full context throughout these phases to make knowledge transfer easy.

Do collaborators see the full schedule, tasks, budget, and associated data?

No. Only project administrators have complete visibility. Collaborators are only invited to work on the tasks that they have been assigned to as either an owner or task dependent.

What else is different about Harbr?

Think of Harbr as collaboration-as-a-service. The product you see today is built on top of our unique and proprietary infrastructure designed specifically to enhance highly complex data management and analysis.

You may leverage Harbr out-of-the-box as an entire collaboration and data management platform, or work with us to connect external project data into your existing systems.

Our mission is to connect the built world.

Watch a demo and learn more about Harbr.

“As Director of Construction, my job is focused on resolving issues. Harbr allows me to stay in the know of what needs to be resolved.”

Jim A., Director of Construction

“I really like the way it provides simple access to so much information.”

Cathy O., Project Administrator

“It’s like having a real-time pulse on the project.”

Dennis W., Site Supervisor

“I was alerted to an issue that would normally take weeks to get to me. I was able to take corrective action right away.”

Doug D., President


No software to install, maintain or upgrade.