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Platform Product Update: Priority Communication, Site Labelling & Site Activity

In order to better serve you, your team and your company, we are continuously updating and improving our products to ensure you get the very most out of Harbr and have the best possible experience. Our goal is to make your life easier and to ensure our products exceed your expectations.

We are thrilled to share our most recent product updates with you and are even more excited to get them into your hands! These updates provide better collaboration from site to office allowing you to manage priorities more easily, site labelling to save you time and site activity so you can be fully up-to-date from our main menu with the option of downloading any report.  These updates are all about convenience, flexibility and improved collaboration. Let’s get into the details of these updates:

Improved Priority Communication

Within Harbr Overview, we have zeroed in on the easiest way to communicate from your site back to your project teams. Responses on priority notes directly notify anyone associated with your task, opening the door for harmonious communication and driving instant action to resolve any issues that may arise.  

Harbr keeps your project teams up to date with these quick communication tools that we have carefully built in to improve your project workflow. Your project team will definitely thank you and won’t be able to remember life before Harbr gave them this project assistant supertool!

Document Labelling

If you are a Harbr Platform user, you will benefit from all of the flexibility that document storage offers. Please note that accessing documents on the Harbr Platform is ONLY available if you’re a Harbr Platform user.

Adding labels to your documents is the best way to clearly organize your documents stored on the Harbr Platform. With several colourful options to choose from, you can create labels and customize the name and colour. A single document can have more than one label for clear, detailed organization.

Adding Labels

Adding labels through site documents is easy. Simply select the file you’d like to add a label to, give the label a name and select a colour. You can repeat this process to add more labels to any document.

Labelling Convenience

You can filter or search for a label easily to quickly find a document you are looking for. Removing labels is also easy. You can do this by simply deselecting the label to remove it from the allocated document.

Site Activity

Site activity is the ultimate go to when needing any project information! Your activity will automatically display the last 24 hours of project information. Even better, you can choose any date range and download a report containing all activity for the chosen dates. To do this simply select the project you want to further dig into, then select any date range and download!

As always, we will keep you up to date on new product features and improvements in the future.

Create an account and check out these new updates for yourself! 

Team Harbr

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Also published on Medium.

Also published on Medium.