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Product Update: Platform Workspace Release

You asked; we listened!  You told us that working in the platform from your desktop was of the utmost importance.  We’re happy to report that now you can! You’re right, not everyone wants to work out of a mobile device. Thank you so much for being open, frank and insightful. This helps Harbr to be an increasingly more useful tool.

At Harbr, we’re committed to bettering our customer offering therefore we are continuously implementing new and improved product features.  This is to ensure you have the best possible experience and get the very most out of Harbr.

With that in mind, we’re thrilled to release our brand new Platform Workspace! Until now you could only view activity from the web and all work was done through the mobile app. Whether you’re at the office, on site, at home or anywhere in between, you are now able to move freely between your preferred devices: desktop, mobile or otherwise.  

Collaborating on images, notes and priorities in addition to working on task percentages and viewing a live site activity stream can all be done from any web enabled device, providing you with ultimate flexibility and convenience.


Feature Additions:
Workspace: View tasks assigned specifically to you and planned tasks related to the entire project. Overview gives you quick access to schedule, images, priorities, documents and site information – all in one place!


Task Details:  If you want more information on your individual tasks or the planned project tasks, simply click on the task. Drag/drop photos or add notes for more context. You can also edit progress of completion at any time, letting your team know exactly where the project stands.


Report Priority:  Similarly, if you’d like to report a priority, simply do so by clicking on the ‘report priority’ tab followed by the ‘+ add priority’.  Select a priority category, with the option to upload an image and add a description of the priority. You can also view current priorities that have been reported with the ability to add another priority if need be.


Activity: For quick reference, all priority activity is captured here, providing a secure audit trail. Whenever a priority is reported, images added or notes added, it is displayed in the ‘activity’ tab.

If there’s something you’d like to see at Harbr, tell us! We love hearing from our current and prospective customers. We welcome all feedback, comments, recommendations and input. Together we can better understand what to build and how to build it. We thank you again for your continued support.

To start using Platform Workspace simply create an account and get started right now!


Team Harbr

Also published on Medium.

Also published on Medium.