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Kyron Stubbs, Senior Software Developer

Kyron is a Senior Software Developer at Harbr.  In his current role, he maintains the GraphQL API that the Harbr platform is built on. Kyron graduated from Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering and has extensive experience in the startup world.  Prior to joining Harbr, Kyron worked at Sprypoint Solutions Inc, a P.E.I. based start-up that is revolutionizing the way utilities handle back office processes using data analytics. With Kyron’s experience and expertise, he brings a unique and valuable perspective to his position at Harbr.  

Name: Kyron E Stubbs

Job Title: Senior Software Developer

Birthplace: Nassau, Bahamas

Education/Experience: BEng, Computer Engineering

Desired Talent: Being able to make the perfect espresso

Hidden Talent: Air guitar like you wouldn’t believe

Four Words to Describe Yourself: Driven. Realist. Sharp. Witty.  

Favourite Food: Coconut Tart/Guava Duff

Favourite Drink: Coffee

Favourite Quote/Motto: “Coffee’s for closers”

Interesting Fact: The Bahamas is technically not apart of the Caribbean. Despite it’s close proximity, it does not have any land that touches the Caribbean sea.

Hobbies: Growing veggies hydroponically

Coffee or Tea: What the heck is tea?

Pet Peeve: People complaining about first world problems

Also published on Medium.

Also published on Medium.