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Daily Reporting: Moving From Observation To Intuition.

At Harbr we spend a lot of time thinking about productivity in the field and how we can leverage general construction activity to create immediate value to all stakeholders.

With this line of thought, in particular, what is the real problem with daily reporting.

There are a lot of tools out there that help site supers document quickly and easily but a tool is only as good as the person using it. Garbage in: Garbage out, doesn’t matter if it’s paper or digital, it won’t resolve a dispute.

Of course any daily reporting tool must be incredibly simple to use, but at the core it must solve the problem of what makes an excellent daily report and how can site supervisors intuitively grow and improve on this critical competency.

Imagine that a sub begins a discussion with your super to borrow a piece of heavy equipment. Most likely that conversation includes who’s paying for the rental and, likely, a verbal agreement has been made.

The job keeps moving along, which is the core mandate, but next thing you know you’re in the middle of a dispute on a back-charge for equipment rental. Even though you know an agreement was made the reality is that your super may not intuitively know to record these details.

So, the problem isn’t: how do we document everything. The problem becomes: how does a super intuitively know to document the right details? And this is the exact challenge that we are obsessed with at Harbr.

We’re working on solving for this problem as a part of the overall development of Harbr. There are decisions being implemented every day into our products both in the field app and the platform. I’d love to get your feedback on how we’re executing on this and I invite you to check out Harbr and give it a trial. Message me directly at and I’ll help you get set up

At Harbr we believe in solving problems for real people. I’d love to hear your stories and understand your unique problems, especially if it’s about field data and schedule management.

– Dave