Articles from Harbr
Sarah Murphy, Business Development

Hi, I’m Sarah, a newbie to the Harbr team! I love exploring how concepts from different industries can have value in new spaces – discovering ways technology can have a useful impact and add meaningful value to the construction world would be a great example. Creating new businesses and working closely with entrepreneurs is my biggest passion.

Name: Sarah Murphy

Job Title: Business Development

Birthplace: Moncton, NB

Education/Experience: BBA from St.FX (I love that place). After St.FX, I worked with a small TV production company, that spun out an AR division and got me interested in tech. A few years after, I founded a safety startup (Sentinel Alert) that focused on predicting soft-tissue accidents on the job site. I worked on that startup for 4 years and had the pleasure of building an amazing team, working with very forward thinking construction and forestry clients, and developing fantastic investor relationships. I’m happy to be able to apply some of that experience to my role in Harbr!

Desired Talent: To play piano (and be unreal).

Hidden Talent: Elaborate cake making.

Four Words to Describe Yourself: Outgoing, enthusiastic, rule-bending (1 word?), ambitious.

Favourite Food: Chocolate chip cookies

Favourite Drink: My green smoothies (affectionately referred to as dirt smoothies by my friends)

Interesting Fact: I’ve been skeleton racing.

Hobbies: Baking (constantly), skiing, and all the yoga.

Coffee or Tea: I love both! Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon.

Pet Peeve: Traffic… walking is bliss, traffic is torture.