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When It Rains, It Pours

One common thread of information across all job sites and reports is the weather. Site supervisors are required to track the weather every day, sometimes even multiple times a day.

A lot of major issues rely on the weather, especially things like concrete. If a storm or bad weather starts to blow through, this can have a huge impact on the construction sites progress.

No general contractor wants to deal with delays, but mother nature is one delay you can’t change unfortunately. Site supervisors and subcontractors must stay in the know about future and current weather conditions at all times.

Photo credit: Tom Doyle via Visual Hunt

Most folks on site look to a weather radar for the most accurate information. Precipitation (snow, rain etc.) being the most important. Even with the slightest hint of bad weather, we’ve seen some subcontractors pack up and get ready to leave only to be stopped by the site supervisor who informs them that the rain will be over quickly.

It’s for this reason that It is critical to document weather daily.

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Harbr automatically grabs the most accurate weather three times a day meaning site supervisors can stop visiting weather sites multiple times a day, saving them more time.

We use DarkSky for forecasting and historical weather – (as of this writing they’re rated the top paid for weather app).

How much time have you lost due to weather?